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In accordance with our MWC sensors we offer different type of MWC flow cells.


They are easy to install and the corresponding versions are also suitable for relatively high temperatures and pressures.


Impurities, dirt and solid particles in the water are particularly problematical for membrane covered sensors. So it is important to install a suitable


MWC pre-filter in front of the measuring point in order to protect the sensor membrane and avoid any interference with the sensor signal.


We are able to supply for all equipments complete accessories.  


Flow Cell PMMA

For electrochemical electrodes with PG 13.5 connect./dia.25mm (1 1/4"). 


Flow Cell PVC

For electrodes with PG13.5  thread or length120mm,pH, temp. redox(ORP)...

Flow Cell NPED

For electrodes with PG13.5  thread or dia.12mm,pH, temp. redox(ORP)...


Washable filter, max.6 bar and 45oC., with direct connection to flow cell Noryl.


Electrolyte for calibration of amperometric sensors.



DOWNLOAD - 2016 MWC Accessories Catalogue / Order- and Technical Data Sheet
2016 MWC Accessories Catalogue.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.9 MB]

Please contact us to get more information about our accessories.

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